Friday, March 14, 2008

Why Dan Patrick is not an Honorable Leader

Using the Three Principles of Honorable Leadership, we can deduce that Sen. Dan Patrick is not an honorable leader.

He has violated Principle 1 by working tirelessly to have the Hon. Corbin Van Arsdale defeated. Representative Van Arsdale's offense? Endorsing Joe Nixon for Senate in the District 7 race in 2006.

He has violated Principle 2 by trying to build a political machine in Texas, instead of letting Democracy work its way.

Dan Patrick has violated Principle 3 by constantly blackmailing and threatening other statesmen.

Alexander Hamilton said in Federalist no. 9, "If a single member should attempt to usurp the supreme authority, he could not be supposed to have an equal authority... Were he to subdue a part, that which would still remain free might oppose him with forces independent of of those which he had usurped, and overpower him before he could be settled in his usurpation."

Dan Patrick, that part "which still might remain free" is here to "overpower [you] before [you] can become settled in [your] usurpation". Texans, stop corrupt, power-hungry politicians! Join Texans for Honorable Leadership to bring a higher moral tone to politics!

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